Essay about Cancer: What Everyone Should Know

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Cancer: What Everyone Should Know
Cancer bombarded an estimate of 1,638,910 people in the United States alone and killed roughly 577,190 people ( Nearly half of the people who were diagnosed with cancer died, why? It is not because Oncologists are not caring for the patients properly or that cancer research is not progressing. It is simply because awareness about cancer is at a bare minimum. It is true, some cultures dedicate the month of October to Breast Cancer Awareness, but Breast Cancer is not the only cancer that intrudes people’s bodies. With over 200 different forms of cancer, it is essential that people strive to further develop their understanding of cancer.
. Cancer is a class of diseases in which a group of cells
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There is no single cause” (Ko, Dollinger, and Rosenbaum 5).
While there is no exact cause, there are specific ways that cancer can spread. As we know mutations in genes contribute to the development of tumors and many mutations occur over the years and that it only takes a few mutations to cause a tumor (Arbanas). There are many ways that cancer can spread. Direct Extension, which is as a tumor grows it begins to invade organs and tissues next to it. Through the blood which is when arteries pump blood through our body but also to the tumor, and pieces of the tumor get into the bloodstream and cause more tumors to accumulate. Tumors can also easily spread to the lymph system and then travel to the lymph nodes spreading the cancer (Ko, Dollinger, and Rosenbaum 7). With the number of cancers in the triple digits it is essential that people know how cancer affects and spreads through the human body.
Cancer can be tricky to catch, but it is not impossible. As cancer becomes more prevalent, research and knowledge on the subject is being discovered faster than any other time throughout history. One of the main reasons the disease is so prevalent and deadly is partly because the symptoms (if any) are often at times difficult to notice. However, it may be difficult but there are still symptoms that oncologists around the world use to identify all types of cancer. These symptoms include a change in bowel or bladder habits, a sore that

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