Campylobacter Species Kills Infants with Cholera Infantum Essay

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1. Introduction

The Campylobacter species observed in 1886 from Theodor Escherich in the colonic mucus of infants who had died of “cholera infantum,” but they could not be cultured. (Miliotis & Bier 2003) Mc Fadyean and Stockman in 1909 first isolated Campylobacter fetus from aborted sheep fetuses. (Miliotis & Bier 2003) After that observed that the Campylobacter which called (Vibrio fetusovid), caused septic abortion in cattle. (Miliotis & Bier 2003) This pathogen bacterium starts to create problems dysentery in the cattle.( Miliotis & Bier 2003) In 1957 the King examined people which have bloody diarrhea the reason for the disease is the Campylobacter species. (Miliotis & Bier 2003)The species of Campylobacter are Campylobacter
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(Alfaro 2014) So the Campylobacter bacteria the encounter in raw meat, in the raw milk, mushrooms, shellfish or contaminated food and water. (Alfaro 2014) Also the Campylobacter can found in vegetables or a fruit because some of these have contact with the ground and from animal manure is spread to the fruits or vegetables. (Alfaro 2014) The campylobacter bacteria are also present in human intestinal tracts, where it can exist without causing harm. (Alfaro 2014) But it is important to underline that the Campylobacter bacterium affect the animals with the disease like cats or dogs and they can transfer the bacterium to us. (Alfaro 2014) Campylobacter species is sensitive in environmental changes like dehydrated, acidic conditions, more oxygen, heating and detergents. (Alfaro 2014) It has four factors which affect the growth negative. (Lawley 2013) First the Campylobacter is a microaerophilic organism which can stay live in reduced level of oxygen, around 3-5% and 2-10% carbon dioxide for optimal growth. (Lawley 2013) Continuously the best temperature for growth is around the 30˚C - 45˚C, it can be growth at room temperature. (Lawley 2013) The optimum temperature is 42˚C. (Lawley 2013) Third the pH for optimum growth 6.5 – 7.5, below of 4.6 they stop to developed and below of 4.0 they died. (Lawley 2013) Finally the water activity which the Campylobacter species prefer in order to growth is 0.987 (αw 0.987). (Lawley 2013) It makes

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