Campus Culture: How Culture Affects How Students Interact Essay

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What is culture? According to Kottak cultures are traditions and customs, transmitted through learning, that form and guide the beliefs and behavior of the people exposed to them. With this definition given when it comes to campus culture I feel that an anthropologist would define it as the way we interact with other people through the environment that we share. When it comes down to campus culture it has to do with the way we interact, behave and follow certain things that are brought forth through the culture of the campus. There are many students on campus that hang around each other and you might start to notice a similarity on the way they act and interact with each other. Because they are around the same kind of environment all the …show more content…
Methods: When it came down to getting information to find out about the topic I chose, the methods and strategies in which I used were the use of questions. I interviewed four different people, two boys and two girls. With this interview I asked several questions. Some of the questions asked were: “what do you think about the way students seem to interact with the same people all the time?” “Do you feel that the way a person’s culture is can affect the people they “hang out” with?” and “what comes to mind when you hear the term campus culture?” These questions were asked to each participant and I got a different answer from each person. When I asked one of the girls the question about the way students interact with the same people all the time she answered, “Well I feel that in some cases some people feel the need to be around the same people they’ve always surrounded themselves with because that’s what they’ve adapted themselves to and that’s what makes them feel comfortable.” The next girl was asked the same question and she answered, “I feel that that’s not always true in some cases. Sometimes people do that because they are afraid of change and they think that doing the same thing is better.” The boys were asked the same thing to and they answered, “in terms of that question I feel two ways about it. I think that some people hang around the same people because they might have been around them for years but that doesn’t

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