Cameron Crowe's Film Jerry Maguire Essay

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Cameron Crowe's Film Jerry Maguire

In his movie Jerry Maguire, director

Cameron Crowe illustrates how failures and successes are

all part of life and if you have love and are happy with your

life then you will surely succeed. It is part of life to

experience failure which propels one forward to take risks

and make changes to find the answers on how to succeed

in lives little games. Jerry Maguire is an inspiring movie

based on this theme, demonstrating success and failure with

business endeavors, love relationships, friendships and self

realization. Relationships between characters in this movie

were numerous and were very intense. The relationship

between Jerry and Rod Tidwell was initially one of
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Jerry has significant trouble in being alone,

Dorothy is compassionate to him. Both were definitely

taking a big risk but following their hearts. Control is also

shown when Dorothy is receiving advice from her sister

about the type of guy Jerry is. Dorothy of course doesn’t

follow the advice and exerts her own controls over the

matter consequently falling in love with Jerry. Laurel failed

in her marriage and Dorothy succeeded. The main idea of

the movie is that people find happiness in all aspects of life

to follow their hearts finding a common ground between

heart and head. This required risk taking on the part of

Dorothy and Jerry when they ventured out to start their

own company and when Dorothy followed her heart to

marry Jerry. Rod Tidwell had to learn to add more feeling

and compassion or heart to his career which in turn pushed

him further along in his success as a football player and

increased his salary. Jerry Maguire on the other hand gave

up his successful job to follow his heart not letting money

interfere with his personal business relationships. A variety

of very meaningful symbols were used to emphasize the

movies most inner meaning. Dorothy’s black sweater was

seen on the first date and on the night when she broke it off

with Jerry. The sweater symbolizes her love for him

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