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Mobsters, drugs, and violence sounds like a plot for a 50’s gangster movie but it is the everyday life for people living in Camden County, New Jersey. The city is portrayed as falling apart, over run with corruption and violence in Chris Hedges article “City of Ruins.” Soon Camden County will become a forgotten ghost town if they do not make drastic changes with the government, education system, and bring jobs back to the county.
This article is about the city of Camden and how they went from being a thriving city to a city that is now in economic crisis. The city has a population of 70,390 and is the poorest city in the nation (16). Camden has an unemployment rate of 30-40% and has an average household income of 24,600 (16). In the past
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Camden has several plants that are still in operation and they produce 58 million gallons of waste a day and you can often smell sewage when you are outside walking around town (16). The article also talks about how the air is unhealthy, they have several plants constantly producing smoke it releases all kinds of bad chemicals into the air which is unhealthy for anyone to breathe in.
Not only is Camden over run with the homeless but they have a problem with gangs running the town dictating everything that happens, “the city is dominated by an old-time party boss, George Norcross III…he decides who runs for office and who does not, who gets city and state contracts and which projects get funded”(16). The streets of Camden are not safe with most people owning guns; they had several children killed last year. The fact of the gangs is bad enough but they also have a problem with corrupt government officials with 3 of the former mayors being sent to prison in the last few decades. Also they had “five police officers, two of whom are out on bail and three of whom have pleaded guilty, have been charged with planting evidence, making false arrests and trading drugs for information from prostitutes”(16). Having corrupt cops has caused several guilty people to go free.
This county is truly in complete ruins and if Camden County does not make drastic changes they are going to become a ghost town in no time. Hedges

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