Bullying in the Workplace: What, Why, Who, and How Essay

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One major issue businesses around the world face in today’s society is workplace bullies. In almost every workplace there is a bully. In today’s world there are so many different life styles, and there is usually that one person that believes it is their job to push others around. What is workplace bullying? What makes these people become a bully? Who are the bullies and the victims? How do we prevent bullying? Those are some questions I will answer in this paper.
Personally I don’t think there is room for bullies in the workplace. Everyone comes to work for the same reasons and that is to make a living. We go to work to support our loved ones and ourselves. No one should have to go into work and deal with a bully.
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I work in a call center, and the gossip that goes around that place is astonishing. Adults are just like kids in high school when you work in a close environment.
Just think, you see your work family more than your real family during a week in most cases. It can sometimes be easy to talk about each other as if you are closer than you may appear. I have unfortunately seen workplace bullying up close and personal. Being a Union Steward brings a lot of issues to my table. I need to vet these issues and determine what is true and what isn’t.
One recent situation I am dealing with is a drastic form of bullying. A member of our management team was offering another employee a promotion in return of other favors. The employee did not oblige and was over looked for a position they fairly earned. This situation became even murkier when others that got the advancement were not as qualified based off of their work statistics. This is an example of a superior abusing their title and powers to try and get their employee to do something for them; this is not ethical and is a form of bullying.
Why are there Bullies?
There are many different reasons that a bully is a bully. Maybe it is just how they were raised or that is how they have always been and no one ever stood up to them. In the workplace the

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