Essay on Building Cyborgs in He She and It

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Building Cyborgs in He She and It

Wouldn't you love to create your perfect man or woman? How about if they were a machine built only for you? The idea of artificial intelligence and cyborgs (human-like machines which can think) is not as far away as we might think. In the novel, He She and It, Marge Piercy brings this interesting aspect of future technology to the forefront.
The hero of this exciting novel is a cyborg named Yod. He was built with the hope of protecting a small independent Jewish town from being destroyed by the surrounding large corporation cities. He was built by a man but programmed by a woman. This dynamic is shown even in the title, He She and It. Yod is built biologically like a man, programmed by a woman, and not
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He killed his maker and also destroyed all of his research so no one else could create another cyborg. Piercy quite clearly shows her belief that artificial intelligence in wrong. This belief is stated through Yod in his last letter to his lover sent moments before he died; "I have died and taken with me Avram, my creator, and his lab, all the records of his experiment. I want there to be no more weapons like me. A weapon should not be conscious, have the capacity to suffer for what it does, to regret, to feel guilt, to form strong attachments. I do not understand why anyone would want to be a soldier but at least they have a choice, I had none... I was a mistake." (pg 414) Creating a conscious being for our own selfish purposes is wrong according to this novel. A conscious being has rights and should not be controlled.

At this moment MIT is experimenting with artificial intelligence. Because of all of the implications of the results of the experiments, they have people on hand to deal with the moral applications. This is good to know, however it is our job as a society to be involved and to answer these questions ourselves. If it is possible to create a being with human qualities, should we, for what purpose, and what rights do they have?

I think it is good to experiment but if we ever do get to the point where creating a cyborg is possible, I do not think we should. I feel it is not our place to play

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