Essay on Building a Sustainable Future

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The “State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainablity” is an annual report on the progress of humanity towards a sustainable society (State of the World 2010). It serves as a medium for informing and educating people on how they can implement sustainable practices in their lifestyle and contribute to the preservation of planet earth, by presenting facts and case studies focused on why it is important for cultures to start adopting more sustainable lifestyles. It not only provides clear and concise information that helps people gain a better understanding of the current situation of the world right now in terms of energy and resource use, but it also provides a guideline on how to transition from an …show more content…
The introduction to the section points out business’ strong influence not only as the center of economy, but also as the leader of societies, culture and the human nation in general (State of the World 83). Global economy is heading on a direction that is compromising the future of individuals which does not necessarily mean that it is already too late to make a change. Even though most business is characterized by shaping a cultural vision that is primarily focused on consumerism, it has all the tools necessary for transitioning the world into a lifestyle visioned on sustainability; yet it is still required for corporations to take on the initiative. If corporations start to adopt new management priorities involving more careful and sustainable practices, it will help them understand how to truly run an economy that would heal the future, instead of ruining it like they currently are. For a smooth transition to a more sustainable economy to be possible, corporations need to start exploring new sustainable economic metrics that can both profit their business and the society. Some companies have already started working on putting sustainability at the core of their mission by addressing social problems in a profitable way, but still they are only the minority. Although, these companies have the potential of becoming an

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