Bringing Peace to Northern Ireland Essay

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Bringing Peace to Northern Ireland


When there are two such opposing, extreme views, there is no room for compromise, neither side wanting to give in, as this would show weakness. The Nationalists and Unionists, both refuse to give way, both adamant that their sides are the martyrs. It is this resolute refusal to admit they were/are wrong, linked with the grudges they bare from the past is what makes it so difficult to bring peace to Northern Ireland.

The troubles stem from over 300 years ago when Protestants were planted in Ulster; it is this which stared the volatile divisions between Protestants and Catholics.

The Nationalists, who are mainly Catholic, want Ireland to
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History is one of the dominant factors that makes it so hard to bring peace to Northern Ireland. The plantation of Protestants in Ulster during the 17th century by Elizabeth and James enraged the Catholics of Northern Ireland; their land had been taken, they saw the English government as bullies who were trying to steal their freedom and dominate them. It was the plantations that first deepened the hatred and division between Protestants and Catholics (Unionists and Nationalists), immediately causing tension between the two volatile sides. The Catholics used the plantations as justification to rebel and revolt against the English rule, which they hated with increasing intensity. An example of this being the Battle of the Boyne, in which William of Orange (a Protestant) defeated the deposed Catholic James II who was leading the Catholic rebels. Protestants see William of Orange as their savior and today he is a much celebrated hero. The Battle of the Boyne served only to deepen the conflict and mistrust between the Protestants and Catholics.

Although the Battle of the Boyne occurred hundreds of years ago it still presents a problem even today when the event is celebrated annually on the 12th of July. The protestants celebrate their "victory" over the Catholics by processional

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