Brenda Frazer the epitome of The Beat Generation Essay

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The beat generation is a generation started in the 1950's by American artists and writers who refused conformity to traditional American ways and spoke of starting their own alternative lifestyle. The beat lifestyle included the sought after liberation and rebellion from society hindering chains of established, accepted ways of life. Within Paul Lauter's book, 'The Heath Anthology of American Literature,' Ronna C. Johnson from Tufts University, writes an analysis of Troia: Mexican Memoirs as well as synopsis of Brenda's life. Also in Lauter's book is the original Frazer's work Troia. In addition, Brenda Knight, another authority of the beat culture, writes in her book 'Women of the Beat Generation' of Frazer's struggles. Brenda Frazer …show more content…
(Knight, 270). Knight states earlier that, ?The intensity of her connection she felt with Ray made her feel that she had finally found a place where she could fit in? (Knight, 269). Ray, on parole from being in jail on narcotic possession, was being pursued by New Jersey prison authorities. ?In 1961, Brenda, Ray and their baby daughter, Rachel, fled to Mexico to escape the New Jersey prison authorities, who were pursuing Ray for parole violation,? writes Johnson. (Johnson, 2259). This one simple act of fleeing speaks depth of the mind of a beat artist. There is no right or wrong choice, only the pursuit of fulfillment which was thought to be done mainly by rebellion. While in Mexico Brenda and Ray did everything they thought necessary to survive. Life wasn?t easy for the small family. In order to fund their drug habit, support their daughter, and at least feed themselves, Brenda resorted to prostitution and panhandling. Brenda Frazer, undergoing a transformation, changed her name to Bonnie Bremser. After 5 years of this poverty in Mexico the once beautiful ??robust brunette gave way to a bleached blonde, drug-whacked, emaciated physique? (Knight, 270). Bonnie eventually fled from Mexico to New York, leaving Ray behind and putting Rachel, her child, up for adoption. In 1969 Bonnie wrote Troia: Mexican Memoirs, a recollection of memories and events that happen in Mexico over that 5 year period. Of the memoir, Johnson writes,

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