Breaking News: Media Has Gone Mad Essay

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Every day, thousands of citizens throughout the United States turn on their television to watch the national news. Unfortunately, the information they gather may be tainted as a result of bad ethics and morals that are used to create the stories. When “ethics are woven into every element of journalism” (Kovach 232), it is hard to decipher between fact and fiction. It may seem that there are many ethical codes that the media has to follow, but one man’s gossip is another man’s news. Because of this, questions arise when the media is looking for a breaking story. Do companies follow the ethic codes or even the moral standards of themselves? What will they ‘forget’ about just so they can discover a story that appeals to their audience? The …show more content…
Fox Broadcasting Company for example, has recently created privacy standards to help monitor the way identifiable information is published (FBC). KGUN 9 has also subscribed to codes of ethics in order to ensure their viewer’s rights are not violated (Brinks). This is an act that needs to be enforced strongly to protect their costumer’s solitude. If codes are made, they should not be broken, no matter how great a story may be.
“In order to be actionable today, the disclosure of embarrassing facts has to be so outrageous that it verges on voyeurism or obscenity, leaving no doubt that the exposure would shame and humiliate a person of ordinary sensibilities in any community” (Rosen 52). Although it may be easy to avoid the culpability of invading privacy, it is still unethical to put anyone in a situation where they feel violated because their privacy was not being protected.
“Privacy is a form of opacity, and opacity has its values. We need more shades and more blinds and more virtual curtains” (Rosen 224). The media needs certain guidelines to help them distinguish between the different forms of privacy and everything related to it. The more precise the guidelines are, the harder it is for the media to twist what it says. Privacy cannot be ignored. There are so many forms that it is hard to determine what is considered ethical or unethical. Openness is an example of one of the many items connected to privacy.
Openness creates many problems with

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