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Located in Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean with the total area at 8,511,965 sq km, is Brazil. Throughout time it has had a rich history that has not only effected but influenced its cultural dress. This Paper will cover Brazil's has a hot climate, diverse culture dew to slavery, and interestingly unique dress.
As a result of its location, its climate is a tropical one, with flat rolling low lands, plains, and some hills. Some of the natural recourses of the area include: bauxite, gold, iron, nickel, ore, petroleum, phosphates, platinum, timber, tin, and uranium. In July 1994 (the latest date recorded) Brazil's population was at 158,739,257, the population growth rate was 1.28%, birth rate was 21.48 births per 1,000,
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In 1887 Pedro II (the second and last emperor) abolished of slavery in South Brazil. During World War I Vargas led a revolt that overthrew the present government and over the next 15 years, he massively changed the entire government system. A new capital was established in 1960 which was called Brasilia. In 1964 the military overthrew President Joao Goulart, and for the next 21 years, Brazil was ruled by a succession of military descendants. The country's economy prospered, although, the military suspended constitutional guarantees and imposed press censorship. In October 1988 Brazil got a new constitution and a year later Fernando Collor de Mello was elected president. Brazil's social structure is not a complex one, the rich rule and the poor do not. Although government officials are elected the poor rarely vote.
Since the 16th century Brazil's main religion has been predominantly Roman Catholicism (Christianity). This religion was introduced by the Portuguese invaders. Brazil has the largest number of baptized Roman Catholics on Earth. 80% of Brazilians claim to be Catholics and have been baptized, however, only about 20% of the population of Brazil actually attends Mass on a regular basis. The second most popular religion in Brazil is Candomblé which has millions of followers, mainly Afro-Brazilians. This religion came from the African slaves. They would summon their gods, called Orixas, Voduns or Inkices with chants and dances they had brought from Africa.

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