Brave New World Essay

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Brave New World

Brave New World is a science fiction novel that is about a society where happiness has been achieved. The story begins in London some 600 years into the future. The world is run by tenWorld Controllers. Reproduction has been removed from the womb and people are made in bottles by generic engineering. Each human is engineered and conditioned to predestined work. People are made into different levels of intelligence, and everyone belongs to one of five classes. These classes range from Alphas, who are most intelligent, to the Epsilons, who are dim-whitted and are produced to do the dirty jobs that nobody else wants to do. In this society happiness is carried out to extremes. It does it’s best to
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However, he is a bit dissatisfied with his work.

Bernard takes Lenina to visit a Savage Reservation in New Mexico. While signing his papers to go, the Director tells him of a story of how he had gone there some 20 years earlier with a young woman who had disappeared and is presumed dead. Also, he threatens to deport Bernard to another facility in Iceland due to Bernard’s strangeness.

At the reservation, they meet a young man named John. Bernard realizes that this is the son of the Director. Then they meet Linda, mother of John, she is the woman that was left behind by the director 20 years ago. Bernard gets permission from one of the World Controllers to bring them back to London.

When they come back to London, the Director plans on sending Bernard away. However, he is greeted by his son and lover and is turned into an obscene joke (since for this society having a son or being a mother/father is an ultimate humiliation). It turns out that instead of Bernard being sent away, the Director himself resigns from humiliation. Bernard becomes the center of attention in London, because he is the guardian of John now, and everybody wants to meet this Savage. John is taken to see all the attractions of this new world and doesn’t like them, but he enjoys talking to Helmholtz and reading about Shakespeare (this wasn’t allowed, but he had gotten the book from his mother back at the Savage

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