Branding Our Lives Essay example

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In Naomi Klein’s essay “No Logo” the author tells us about how logos have replaced products, thereby creating something known as “branding”. Klein tells us about how this started as a means of insuring that consumers were getting the real deal, not one of the imitator products. And that during this time period, the primary goal of several companies was the production of goods and services, so that they could sell these to the public, and this was the “very gospel of the machine age” (Klein 275). And this remained the core concept, until the eighties, when “a consensus emerged that corporations were bloated, oversized; they owned too much, employed too many people, and were weighed down with too many things”(Klein 275). And …show more content…
However, this created one problem, when people buy products they expect that they receive the product that they bought, and the reason this created a problem is due to the fact that the companies that adopted the branding process got rid of their factories that could produce the products cheaply. But they came up with a solution, instead of fixing this, they decided to buy the products that they claimed they produced from company that did not have logos but did have products.
And this is what happens when a company adopts the branding process instead of producing, the company has to keep making plans to survive, and because of this desperateness they are forced to view people not as fellow humans, but as dollar signs.

According to Klein, the companies that adopted the branding process, they had to spend most of their time searching for “the oxygen needed to inflate their brands”(277) , and that because of this reasoning they made the brand logos become people so that they could receive the money that is needed for the enteral search for space. The first land that they discovered was the branding of “generic goods such as sugar, flour, soap and cereal”(Klein 276). And according to Klein, they then created personalities for the logos that went on the generic goods. This happened so that the age old relationship between the local clerk

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