Boom! The Plane's Wing Was on Fire Essay

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It was a quiet night in the Carribean while a plane was traveling across the Atlantic Ocean transporting a group of young students from a dangerous situation involving war. Then, all of a sudden, Boom! One of the plane’s wing was on fire. Everyone on the plane was screaming for their lives. The plane’s wing was deteriorating constantly while the pilot was reminding everyone to stay calm and prepare for emergency landing. At the time people where saying their last prayers. The ground was approaching them at an incredible speed. People where screaming at the top of their lungs. After increasing its speed even more to a fiery piecing of flying metal, the plane crashed into a cottonball-shaped tree on the edge of a cliff. It caught them as if …show more content…
“Where are we?” Grant asked, obviously waking up in a headache. “I think we are somewhere in the Ocean.” Page said, stating the obvious. “I know that.” said grant “But I meant specifically in the Atlantic Ocean.” “Last time I looked, we where flying just above South America.” said Allison. Once everyone was awake, I began touring the island as if I was taking notes for an exam that would determine if I pass my grade or not. I looked for any evidence that could tell me anything of any type of animal, or if anyone had every been on it before. All I could find was a small river that was knee high and was full of fish, tall coconut trees that towered like skyscrapers, mysterious paw prints that looked just like my cat’s footprints but on steroids, and poop that smelled horrific. After that, I turned around and joined the others. “There seems to be some kind of large cat living here.” I said to the others with a straight face. “Nuh uh, there is no way a tiger or ‘large cat’ could survive on this island.”, said Emily in disbelief. “Go look for your self. I saw them, they looked like a regular cat paw print except they where way bigger.” I replied, assuring that there was some kind of cat on the island. “There is mountain cats that have been found on deserted Islands, you know.” said Cody. “Well we should not be so worried about stupid cats guys. We are stuck on a island in the middle of the

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