Book vs. Internet Research Essay

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It’s a wonder where society would be without the discovery of the internet? Unless you have never watched TV, listened to a radio, or read a book, you almost certainly have heard about the internet. Today very few, if any, haven’t used the internet in some aspect of their life. It is almost impossible to have not used it. Internet is installed in anything from phones to cars. If one says he or she hadn’t used it, one would be isolated from society. The mass of information that the internet brings to the table is astonishing. People no longer have to find books to educate themselves. With the amount of information and the easy accessibility to the internet, books are becoming a thing of the past. There are many benefits from the internet, …show more content…
However, it is possible for one to have internet information change every time they hit the refresh button. Another aspect to internet research lacking credibility is that anyone can edit or change what is there. Seems that one may be whomever they want online. There is reason to believe that society is taking the chance of having less credible information, just so that they can cut their overall research time. The days of taking time to actually find quality research is over. Nonetheless, society is only getting faster and things that cannot keep up to this new speed usually get left in the dust. Therefore evidence proves that, books are more reliable, but the Internet is more accessible. Therefore, internet is the reason for the lack of book research. If you were on Earth in the past 10-15 years you may know that society does practically everything on computers. Using a computer, we may work, have fun, shop, and even converse with others. This is all thanks to an application called Internet. Internet is more practical, convenient, and holds more information than a library could even imagine. The internet is endless. One would need several books to get the same amount of information that one may get from the internet. The practical aspect of the internet being a source of information for research is that you can get the information you need in a click of the mouse, whereas a book you would have to go to a library and read many books to find the same

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