Bombing Attacks in the United States Essay

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One of the most deadliest and horrific terrorist incidents occurred in Bath, Michigan in May of 1927. Forty-five people were killed during the incident, including the bomber. The bomber, 55 year old, Andrew Kehoe was angry about a new tax charged to the community to finance a new school. Andrew Kehoe was a school board member and was the school’s caretaker. He also worked as a machinist and electrician. Throughout his adult life, Kehoe routinely campaigned for lower taxes.
After a series of financial hardships (losing his house and farm) and personnel tragedy (his wife became chronically ill), Kehoe blamed the new tax and the new constructed school for his predicament. Over a several month period, Kehoe transported an explosive call
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On Sunday, September 15th, 1963, two unknown suspects were seen getting out of a car and placing a box under the steps of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Later that morning, a bomb exploded killing four girls attending Sunday school classes. An additional, twenty-three people were hurt during the incident.
The man responsible and convicted of the bombing was Robert Edward Chambliss. Robert Edward Chambliss was a long standing member of the Ku Klux Klan who was responsible for the firebombing of several African American homes from 1940’s to the 1960’s.
The Klan classifies itself as a Christian organization with a long history of violence. Although African Americans have usually been the Klan's primary target, the Klan also has targeted Jews, immigrants, gays/lesbians and Catholics. The Klan frequently uses intimations tactics, such as bombings, cross burnings and beatings, to scare witnesses from testifying against them. The primary purpose of the 16th Street bombing was to instill fear in those supporting Civil Rights Movement.
Chambliss was initially charged for the four murders, but was found not guilty of murder. He did receive a $100 fine and six month jail sentence for the dynamite charge. Fourteen years later, Chambliss was re-tried and found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. His accomplices Thomas Blanton and Bobby Cherry were tried and convicted nearly 30 years after the bombing.

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