Bolsheviks' Rule Essay

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Bolsheviks' Rule

The Bolsheviks led by Lenin first came into power after the revolution in November 1917 when they stormed the Winter Palace without much opposition. The Bolsheviks were only in control of two cities when they first came in. These two cities were Petrograd and Moscow. They had no experience running a country before. They did not have the support of most of the Russian people. So they were in a weak position and had to do something to get more support.

Lenin's slogan was 'Peace, Bread and Land' and he knew that he had to deliver otherwise the Russian people would turn against him. He set up the Council of People's Commissars. Russia asked for peace with Germany and over the
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To increase personal freedom, marriages could take place without a priest if desired and divorce would be made easier.

Lenin also promised free elections to the Constituent Assembly which were held in 1917. The Bolsheviks did not gain a majority so Lenin solved this problem by sending the Red Guards to close down the Assembly. The Assembly was soon forgotten.

Lenin had to make good his promise for peace. He put Trotsky in charge of negotiating a peace treaty with Germany but wanted him to spin out the negotiations as long as possible. Lenin hoped that a socialist revolution would break out in Germany as it had in Russia. There was no revolution and Germany started to advance again. Lenin had to accept their terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March 1918. The treaty was a huge blow. Russia lost its best agricultural land and industrial areas, 25% of its population, 26% of its railways and 75% of its iron ore. Russia also had to pay a 300 million gold rouble fine.

By the end of 1918 several anti-Boshevik groups had united in an attempt to destroy the Bolsheviks. They were known as the Whites. Soon White armies began to march towards Petrograd and

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