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One of the most innovating companies of our time is Boeing. Boeing headquarters is located right here in Chicago which is one the things that attracted me to this company. There are about 160,000 employees across the United States and in 70 countries. Boeing has one of the most diverse and talented companies that thrive through their innovative workforce. Of the 160,000 employees working for Boeing, more than 83,000 hold college degrees, 29000 are holding advanced college degrees in almost every business and technical field, these facts alone says so much about the quality of the staff that Boeing recruits. Boeing is one the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial jet liners and military air craft. Boeing designs
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Through the success of managing Boeing has delivered strategies in various ways by the primary organizational groups Phantom Works, Intellectual Property Management, Information Property Technology and Advanced Systems. It because of these organizational groups and leadership role of engineering that helps Boeing continue to be successful. Boeing has delivered strategies and transformed globalization and innovation through successful ways of management. One development unit in Boeing that interested me was the Phantom Works. Phantom works is the advance research and development unit that creates the new ideas for Boeing. This department to me is most valuable because that where all the new ideas are created and eventually come together. Breakthrough technology is created Phantom Works that improves the performances of products and the quality of service. Phantom Works has about 2,600 employees and they are divided into teams. This allows the teams to focus on the individual needs of the company, for instance one team focuses on the specific new business markets, while the other team focuses on engineering information and manufacturing technologies. Now some may argue that reality of the ideas being created through Phantom Works is made successful through the manufacturers in the Advance System unit. The Advance System unit is also valuable because it specializes in improving the

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