Bobbie Ann Mason Essay

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Bobbie Ann Mason was born on May 1 1940 in Mayfield, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Wilburn Arnett Mason and Christianna Lee Mason, the eldest of four siblings. She grew up outside Mayfield on the family dairy. Her early years she had a close bond between her family and the farm which subsequently shaped her themes in her short stories. As she grew up on the farm she was influenced by nature and procured an eye for physical details. After transferring from a small country school to Mayfield High School, she was again influenced by a "culture shock" and "engendered feelings of inferiority" (Price) between classes of country folk and townspeople. Growing up she was an avid reader of children's detective stories and would attend the local …show more content…
She is a former writer-in-residence at the University of Kentucky. Bobbie Ann Mason is a short story novelist who's style and themes come from her recognition of specific cultural experiences that are a product of her life and education. This approach allows the readers to connect on a personal level within the stories while leaving out some details allowing the reader to expand themselves. Bobbie Ann Mason uses her cultural influences and childhood experiences, to portray everyday life through a minimalist approach that focuses on socioeconomic class and gender. The story "Shiloh" is about the sudden falling out of a marriage between a man, Leroy, and his wife, Norma Jean. Leroy has recently been injured while working on the road as a truck driver and now stays at home tinkering with arts and crafts. Throughout the story, Leroy keeps promising to his wife that he's going to build her a log house, fulfilling a promise he made to Norma Jean that he'd build her a home someday. Halfway through the story, Leroy's mother in law Mabel Beasley comes over to visit while bringing a dust ruffle she made for their bed. After spending the last few months at home recouping from his injuries, Leroy comes to the realization that Mabel visits Norma more than he remembers in the past. For the past few years, Mabel has been urging Leroy and

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