Essay on Board vs Brown

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J. Mercado
Political Science 110
Question A
Still seeking the Victory in Brown vs. Board of Education This paper will cover information regarding the case of Board vs. Brown which began in 1951. Throughout my findings I will go through the differences of the case and things that up to this day remain the same. Before Brown vs. Board the case that set the tone was Plessy vs. Ferguson which allowed for racial segregation within the school districts. This case allowed for blacks and whites to be treated equal as long as they were in separate facilities. Brown vs. Board began when thirteen African American parents tried to enroll their children in the local white’s only school. This was done with the intention of
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African American children didn’t have up to date school books and school supplies along with class rooms with not sufficient room. When the parents filed a lawsuit at the state level courts the case was reviewed and lost for the following reasons. During the time of extreme segregation and racism the state courts had never quested or look to overturn a court case like Plessy v. Ferguson. The court and the majority of the public felt there was no issue with discriminating against African American students. The feeling of the court when the case was lost at a state level was that black students would be segregated when they grew older so they should get use to this kind of treatment. They felt there was no difference when it came to school if they were already segregated at restaurants, public transportations, and many more things. By the time the Brown v. Board of Education made it to the Supreme Court there were many developed opinions and things that needed to be reviewed by the Supreme Court. A total of five combined court cases would become along with Brown’s case: Briggs v. Elliot which was failed in S. Carolina, Davis v. County School Board of Price Edward County out of Virginia, Bolling v. Sharpe filed in Washington D.C and Gebhard v. Belton out of Delaware. All these cases were similar in many

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