Black Panther Party Essay

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What comes to your mind when you think of the mission of the Black Panther Party? Do you even know who the Black Panthers truly were? Well, the fact is that many people do not the answers to either of these questions. It may be due to the fact that the history text book failed to go into the Black Panther Party in detail as they did in many other great historic revolutionist and revolutionary events. In the following essay I will be discussing the journey of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, the founders of the Black Panther Party, showing the events that took place in their lives. I will also be discussing what the mission of the Black Panther Party was in their stand to make the government accept the responsibility poverty in …show more content…
When his teachers found out about how low he scored on the Stanford-Binet test they felt justified in discouraging Huey, telling him that he was not college material and should not even try to take a chance at college. When Huey was told not to try college out because he was seen as not being suitable for college he tried every thing in his power to prove his teachers wrong. In the summer after high school Huey moved out of his parents house after an altercation between him and his father, to take a try at the college in which his teachers had once encouraged him not to enroll into. The college that he enrolled into was Oakland City College. He enrolled into the college in the fall of 1959. At first he did not know what he wanted to learn. Huey pointed out in his book, Revolutionary Suicide that in order to start learning in college he first needed to learn how to read. Driven by his desire to learn he taught himself how to read by trying to read his older brother Melvin’s poetry books. (53) In the first semester of college Huey p. Newton met a person that would instill many believes in him that Huey would later implement into the mission of the Black Panther Party. This person was Donald Warden who was preaching blackness on the Berkley campus and was also the founder and leader of the Afro-American Association. Huey began to travel to Berkley every Friday night to meet with the Afro-American Association to read and discuss books that dealt with black

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