Essay about Bizarre Marketing and Genius Brainstorming

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Since the beginning of time and the invention of the marketplace, humans have had to rely on their own instincts, wants and desire’s as to what to offer and what to provide the consumer. If you follow the Bible, it states that Eve convinced Adam to eat the forbidden apple. But Eve was not technically the first marketer. It was the snake that convinced her to market to Adam. The snake was successful in enticing his target audience because he was offering something that should never be, an item that was new and unknown. Driving on the curiosity of its target created a successful exchange. The only thing left now is how to deal with the evolution of our environment and keep up with consistent successful marketing.
Marketing has commonly been
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This is where we are today, the peak of the social/mobile marketing era. Implemented with the previous six phases, this new phase carries on the procedure by focusing on real time connections and social exchanges in a 24/7 type of environment. This ability gives consumers the leisure to choose when to act and provides them with endless options, even personalized options. We have evolved into a much more personal one on one type of marketing environment than ever before, and having options is not a bad thing, especially when everything keeps changing.
There have been many situations where a product was invented to aid a problem that did not even exist. This type of marketing feeds on the paranoia and psychological issues that people tend to have, low self esteem, physical issues, etc. This type of marketing is usually implemented in a wave, meaning it sweeps through your area preying all everyone in it’s path and then dissipates to the next plot. People take risks and make the initial purchase and usually get sugar pills or products that are poorly made and break easily or that do not even work at all. Often times there is little to no customer service that can help with the issues that these bogus products provide, all of which are bad for the business/marketing environment in that it hinders the consumer with a bad

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