Birth Order And The Effect On Your Personality Essay

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Birth order and the effect it has on your personality

     Some parents often wonder, what, if any, effect birth order will have on their children’s personalities. Genetic factors and other influences play a significant role, but the birth order within the family plays a larger role in determining the personality of children. Countless academic studies say your place in the family is such a strong factor in developing your personality that it can have a major influence on the rest of your life.
     Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist and former disciple of Freud, acknowledge environmental influences such as social class, geographic origin and relationship with parents as factors in
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Frequently, first born have school success, are often bossy, overbearing and rigid. Since first time parents tend to be anxious, apprehensive and demanding, their children are affected. They get the full love and attention of their parents, but they are also subject to strong expectations of family standards and values ("Birth order and your child"). The oldest is filled with self-confidence and usually enjoys being a leader and dominating conversations. They also tend to be good nurturers, high achievers, adult-oriented and reliable (Payton).
     “During World War II,” Dr. Frank Sulloway explains, “most major political leaders were first born or only children, including Roosevelt, Churchill, Mussolini and Stalin. Adolf Hitler is an exception, but only a partial one. He was his mother’s first surviving child, and she. . . favored him over two older stepchildren. . .(Cook).”
     A book called “Birth Order Blues” by child and family therapist Meri Wallace, is a on the issue that predicts children’s behavior by the order in which they were born. Besides describing the characteristics of each child, Wallace’s book also offers parents strategies of what to say and do if their kids are suffering from birth order blues (Payton).
     Problems that might occur with the older

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