Essay about Biotechnology and the Modern World

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Advances in biotechnology can be looked at two ways; both positive and negative. People can also differ in what would qualify as positive and negative. Some may think that tinkering with Deoxyribonucleic acid also know as DNA, should not be allowed at all for any reason. Others believe that manipulating human DNA can have many different benefitial outcomes. Biotechnology or genetic engineering, can be be potentially misused and result in negative outcomes. Misuse can consist of manipulating or exploiting for gender selection, the creation of “designer babies” or the creation of “super babies;” two related but dissimilar potential misusses. Genetic engineering can be used to select the gender of the babythat the parent or parents may …show more content…
An example might be someone who could be engineered to be very intelligent but unfortunately also a sociopath. Someone that lacks the ability to determine the difference between what is wrong and right and has a genius intellect could prove to be a danger to society and themselves. In the latest movie reincarnation of Superman, the back story told about Krypton society was a society that had allowed just that sort of engineering of their “humanity” The parents of young Kal El, or Superman, had given birth to a naturally born son breaking their fictional, millenia old, use of bio-engineered babies. The parents for example, were both bred to be scientists. The main Kryptonian antagonist General Zod had been bred to be a soldier who was compelled to do whatever he could to protect his society. That very breeding of his in bred need to protect his people, as he explained in the movie, forced him to lead a revolution. That revolution ultimately led to the destruction of his world and his ultimate fight to the death with Superman to recover the Kryptonian DNA master code that had been placed inside young Superman by his parents (to protect it according to the plot.) This is of course entirely fictional along the lines of Huxley's Brave New World but succinctly illustrates The potential concerns inherent in genetic modification. Another outcome could be that the

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