Essay about Biotechnology a New Beginning

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The world of biology and technology has been getting blurred more and more throughout the years. Undoubtedly you have asked someone the question why you look the way you do. There are also billions of dollars spent each and every week where people are trying to change the ways we look. Science might hold the answers to the question as to how people will be able to change their looks or much more. The key to everything is all in our genetic makeup.
All of our features come down to our genetics. More than just our physical appearance these genes, our intelligence, tempers as well as all the hereditary diseases we have or will likely develop within our lifetimes. Genetics are family characteristics that are passed down through our
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The DNA double helix structure is made from alternating sugar and phosphate bonds. Holding these sugar and phosphate bonds together is hydrogen. There are four bases that make up DNA, these bases are adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine (Simon & Dicker, 2012). It is these four bases attached to the previously mentioned sugar/phosphate bonds that combine to form the complete nucleotide that we know as DNA.
The definition of a clone is an exact genetic copy where every single piece of DNA is identical. Cloning is the process of creating a genetically identical organism through nonsexual means (SITE). There are a few ways clones can be created whether be it naturally or in a laboratory. Nature has been making clones since the beginning of time. Nature’s most common form of cloning is through plant life and vegetation.
More specifically a lot of the times it is the vegetation that we choose to eat that is nature’s clones. For example strawberry plants send out what is called a runner and new strawberry plant takes root from that runner. Replications or clones that are similar to the strawberry plant, are potatoes, onions, beats, and the most common vegetation known, grass.
Human beings have been cloning plant life in one way or another for thousands of years. It can be as simple as when someone takes a single leaf from a plant and then replant it to grow another plant of the same type. This is a very basic form of

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