Biography of Alfred Edward Housman Essay

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Very few are familiar with Alfred Edward Housman better known as A. E. Housman or his works. As Housman matured and evolved, so did his poems. His success overshadowed many other poets during that time. The majority of his poems expressed his love for his heterosexual college roommate, Moses Jackson.That expression of love was a driving force behind most of his poems.That defining point in his life catapulted his writing style. Housman was best known for his creative love poems with weird endings, due to this hidden passion. He also expressed that the dead still had their ways of showing love to each other. Little is known about how Housman really communicated to people through his poems. The sadness and doubtfulness that Housman poems …show more content…
While Housman intended at Bromsgrove School, he excelled scholastically and had a prize poem published. Later, he attended Oxford, where he pursed classical studies and continued to write his humorous verses. That’s where he met A.W. Pollard and Moses Jackson. Based on what others proclaimed of him, he left Oxford. From which, he ultimately earned a BA. (1-2) He later found employment in the patentoffice in London, where he worked eleven years. During his spare time, he visited the library of the British museum, where he developed his classical interests. It was during this time he published a publications based on his research. When a teaching post opened up in Latin at the University College of London, Housman submitted many compelling recommendations that easily won him the position. While working there, he remained a faculty member there for nineteen years. The feelings he was having at that time, made him have the sense of failure, self-loathing, and loneliness that continued to afflict him for many years to come.He therefore resorted back to composing poetry for personal therapy. While his reputation grew as an authority in classical studies, he was offered a professorship in 1911 at Cambridge and soon after became Kennedy professor of Latin. During his time at Cambridge it gave him the leisure time he loved and a higher standard of teaching. While being there for those years he became recognized as the most eminent

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