Bill Gates and Microsoft Essay

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Bill Gates
Bill Gates was a very intelligent man since he was young; one of his teacher said, “Gates was always a math whiz” ("Bill Gates “1955 - )"). Gates is very important in the computer world. He is the inventor of the entire Microsoft systems. Gates is also the creator of all of the Windows programs that are on computers. Bill Gates was born into a wealthy family and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time as he created Microsoft.
Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955. He was born into a very wealthy family and from the beginning; Gates’s family was always interested in business and politics. Gates’s great grandfather was even the mayor at one time. His grandfather, William Gates II, was the vice president
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When Bill Gates took the SAT, he scored an 800, which is a perfect score. He was then accepted into the Harvard University (Condon). When gates first got into Harvard University he started to study pre-law. Gates stayed there for only two years. After two years of being at Harvard University he met a very smart guy named Paul Allen. (The Nineties). Gates and Allen became very interested in computers. They were so busy messing with computers and figuring out new stuff that can be done with them that they were often late for classes and sometimes they were even skipping classes. Then they both had the idea of creating Microsoft. Gates never graduated from Harvard because he wanted to devote all of his time to Microsoft; this is when Bill Gates became legend (“Bill Gates” Biography for Beginners).
Microsoft was created on April 4, 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gates and Allen had co-founded it (Microsoft). When it started, Microsoft was very small, but over the years Microsoft is and has been used in just about every house in the United States and in most schools. In 1982, the first Windows was created- Windows 1.0. Then in 1987, Windows 2.0 was created. Windows 2.0 came with desktop icons and much more memory than the windows 1.0 came with. Windows 3.0 then came out in 1990 which sold 10 million copies in the first two years of coming out. In 1995, Windows 95 had come out which came with the Internet Explorer. In the first 5 weeks they sold 7

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