Essay about Big Data Transforms Businesses Due to Electricity

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Big data has turned out to be the electricity of the our century- the 21st century, simply because this is the new kind of power that transforms everything it comes into contact with be it in business, government, and private life. While electricity took more than 100 years to transform the world, big data is radically changing the way businesses and government operate virtually overnight. Businesses can now use big data for tracking business processes and also outcomes. For the public sector big data can save lives and money in different ways namely: real time analytic of big data can help government cut at least 10% of their federal budget. Big data can also save lives for example medical researchers can form information
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Machine-generated /sensor data is another type of data from which we can define big data and it integrates all data collected Call Detail Records (“CDR”) which is system containing information related to a telephone call, e.g. as the origination and destination addresses of the call, the time the call started and ended, the duration of the call and many other details of a call. Weblogs which is data that consist of listing of text, images, or other objects that are arranged in chronological order that first started appearing in 1998, smart meters, manufacturing sensors, equipment logs. And lastly big data can be defined from Social data which is collection of information produced by millions of people as they actively participate in online social activities (Oracle, 2013: 3). There is estimation that data volume grows each year by 40% this is according to The McKinsey Global Institute in the oracle paper.
Background on big data
Although big data made its greatest or rather largest mark

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