Big Changes with Minor Oversight Essay

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One of the significant figures in human history the scientist Charles Darwin once commented, “ In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed ”(qtd. in This implies that success comes with collective efforts and using imagination. Similarly, in order to have beneficial effects on something it is necessary to understand its interpretation. In the case of social media, it can be said that some people misunderstand its role in today’s life. Presently, users live in new era of social media. As the role of the social media expanded and changed the view about connection, people started to change their pre historical habits and daily lives. Still some people argue …show more content…
During the TED talk presentation, Clay Shirky talks about how social media became universal, social, and inexpensive advancement in people’s lives that can be used to send message anywhere in the world. “The Internet is the first medium in history that has native support for groups and conversation at the same time… [It] gives us the many-to-many pattern” (Shirky He states that this innovation unites all other four periods of the media’s past. The first thing that he mentions is how printing press was a huge success in Europe during its introduction to public. Then after a decade the new innovation emerged: telegraph and telephone. After another decade the third period of media was introduced: recording and sound. And at the end people innovated the television and radio, which have changed the role of the media in human’s lives. All these progressive innovations are result of people’s social evolution. When the time came the Internet played its role by combining all four social media’s innovations to one. People now have opportunity not only to express their thoughts and make others to hear them, but also to generate at the same time. Consequently, different individuals reach each other by connecting through the Internet, and those groups of people with different kinds of conversations merge in the one universal place. Now, people can incorporate their ideas effectively with the right usage of social media, and with the common goal. They can

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