Biblical Truths Confirmed by Archaeological Findings Essay

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Biblical Truths Confirmed by Archaeological Findings

Abstract Statement

I have chosen a subject that is very important to me. As a Bible major, I believe the Word of God is vital and essential and that it is the only clear direction in life.

Personally, I believe by faith the Bible is true from the first word in Genesis to the last word in Revelation. However, there are times when we need physical evidence to confirm our faith proving that the Bible does not just contain interesting stories, but is based rather on historical fact.

I have always been interested in archaeological findings seeing the amazing discoveries being made everyday. For instance, through these discoveries we now have confirmed evidence of the Kingdom
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Biblical archaeology is the study of people, cultures, and the affects they have had on our history relating to biblical times.

I believe in order to be an effective biblical archaeologist, one must be sound within these areas. Archaeology is not a job of guessing, but of knowing. The facts are based upon what is discovered and with these discoveries the archaeologist can bring to life again what history tried to cover up.

A sound foundation of these standards not only displays the vital importance of archaeology, but also paves the way for the next generation to learn about an earlier generation.

What is Biblical Archaeology?

For me, archaeology has been a blessing in disguise.

I knew about archaeology, but I did not realize how its discoveries would become such a profound faith builder in my Christian walk. I do not think I am overemphasizing this a bit. I can say without a doubt that archaeology has helped me to have a higher value and better appreciation for the Word of God.

Biblical archaeology not only includes all ancient facts bearing upon the Bible which had been lost and have been recovered, but all literary remains of antiquity bearing upon the Bible and, also, as of the first importance, the Bible itself. (1)

There are times when Biblical

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