Beowulf vs. The 13th Warrior Essay

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I have closely compared aspects of Beowulf with the film, “The 13th Warrior”. Beowulf, written down by an unnamed Christian Monk in the 18th century, served as framework for the plot of “The 13th Warrior”. Beowulf and The 13th Warrior have extensive differences and even more similarities throughout the two stories. The film was made to actually show the different aspects, techniques, and ways of thinking that the people of medieval times thought. It also helps to put you into a better perspective on what the story “Beowulf” was like. Even thought the two stories are not exactly the same, they still stand together making a great mark in history.

Instead of having a completely perfect fabricated movie of the epic story Beowulf, the
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Other similarities depicted from the two stories consist of the names of the cities and the names of the two groups of evils. Beowulf and Ahmed had both fought the evils to protect the loved ones and people of the town Herot, when they were in need of being protected. The evil or enemies of the two warriors are both generally seen or stated as a Lizard of fire. In “Beowulf” the group of enemies or enemy is called the Dragon. In “The 13th Warrior” the group of enemies or enemy is called the FireWorm. Which are no different from each other in the meaning or actual purpose.

Not only is there a direct translation, but there are many differences too. “The 13th warrior” is basically a newly fabricated form of the story “Beowulf”. “The 13th Warrior” is portrayed by Antonio Banderas’ character Ahmed Ibn Fadlan, coming from his point of view. But Beowulf had told his story from a third person point of view. Also, the religious aspects of the two are very different; being that Beowulf is Swedish and Ahmed is Arabic. Also Ahmed and his group of men fight the evil, which is in the form of cannibals dressed up as bears. In “The 13th Warrior” the men are to fight the evil because the barbarians are selfish minded, and overruling; and want to take over all the cities for themselves. “Beowulf” on the other hand is to fight the evil because Grendal had become annoyed and weary to the fact that Beowulf and all of his men would celebrate each and every night about how

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