Beowulf is an Anglo Saxon Hero Essay

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There has only been one hero in Anglo-Saxon history, only one man can meet every requirement one needs to be classified as hero. Only one man's honor, loyalty, courage, generosity, and wisdom, fits the true definition of a hero. That man is Beowulf. With these leading traits, Beowulf's rise to heroism was not just by chance. He filled each of the five characteristics perfectly, as if it was his destiny to be admired. To gain the respect and glory that a person of power needs, one must earn it. There is only one way to achieve respect in the times of the Anglo-Saxons. Only Beowulf was the most honored man throughout all Anglo-Saxon history. He performed three straightforward tasks to reach his level of admiration. In the time …show more content…
His fame grew after people started taking notice. The honorable feats he carried out did not cease there. Upon hearing about her son?s death, Grendel?s mother was enraged. She came to Heorot to avenge her son?s death (Line 1278). Grendel?s mom killed a sleeping man and fled the scene carrying the arm of her son Beowulf put on display at the mead hall (Lines1280-1299). Only Beowulf could do what was necessary to stop the Descendent of Cain (Lines 1260-1265). Beowulf was told that if he can successfully defeat Grendel?s mom, riches await (Lines 1379-1382). In order to reach Grendel?s mother, Beowulf held his breath for a day?s time to get to her lair that resided in a hell swamp. Upon finding her there, Beowulf had the toughest battle of his life. Grendel?s mom stabbed Beowulf, but he was saved by his armor. In a stroke of luck, Beowulf spotted a large sword, he grabbed it and just flat out sliced the beast hag across the neck (Lines1565-1569). Thus bringing a necessary peace to the hall of Heorot, and a cease to the violence. His honorable actions stretched as far as the eye could see (Line2176). The repercussion of saving the city came with his eternal legendry. Beowulf then boasted, as it is the natural thing to do if as mentioned before. The whole reason that warriors boasted about their feats was so they could live on in infamy. There was no God in that time

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