Benefit Utilization Essay

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The separation of employees' work life and personal life is no longer clearly defined by a 9-5 schedule, time spent in the office or proximity to coworkers. The advancement of technology has blurred the line between work life and personal time. This blurring and overlapping of work and personal time has created a new environment to which company provided benefits much adapt. The evolution of benefit programs must support employees combined work/life overlap and must encompass both areas. There are no longer benefit programs defined by the traditional package of health coverage, dental, vision, vacation, life insurance and 401K program. Employees want and need more from their benefits programs including incentives to attract them to …show more content…
Conversant, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNVR) is the leader in personalized digital marketing, helping the world’s biggest brands grow by creating personalized experiences that deliver higher returns for marketers and greater satisfaction for consumers. Conversant offers a fully integrated personalization platform solution, personalized media programs and industry leading affiliate marketing. The deep understanding of what motivates people to engage, connect and buy, is what differentiates Conversant from others in the market.
The company consists of 1500 employees in multiple offices, the headquarters is located in Westlake Village, CA, another office is located in Santa Barbara, one in San Francisco, Chicago, NYC and Atlanta. Each of the offices average about 300 employees with Atlanta having about 35 employees. The employee population consists of a majority of the population under the age of 40 (about 65%) with about equal number having at least one advanced degree. The culture is entrepreneurial although the company has been around for 15 years so employees don’t need to worry about their paycheck clearing. The work environment is fast paced and the company solutions provided to customers are on the bleeding edge of technology. Very few things at Conversant are consistent except change, employees must be flexible and able to adapt. Even with a unique and hip culture

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