Essay about Belonging to a Group

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As mammals, humans share the same traits as wolves. We feel the need to form packs as an inherent part of life. I think this feeling derives from years of solitary confinement and the lack of individuals to comfort you through your times of need. This could both be beneficial and a hindrance. If you are not accepted into a group, your self-esteem plummets beyond despair and you begin to deem yourself unworthy. Social status in this world means everything. It is the so called ‘friends’ who aid in this bittersweet process. They encourage that which should not be encouraged. They promote distasteful ideas because in turn, it was the same way for them. The only way to influence is to be influenced. Instead of cultivating your own idea, you …show more content…
Then, checkmate. You’ve found yourself a made to order group. The same logic applies to religion. Growing up, you are taught what your parents deem to be true. In some cases, they tend to be strict about it. With the continuous pressure you are burdened with, one day you are given a little bit of freedom. What do you do? You take that freedom and stray from that religion. Why? Because growing up, you viewed that religion as strict thanks to the method that was used in order to drill it into your head. You start to perceive that way of life as hard and unnecessary. A trivial task without a purpose. Such things do happen. People, the closest to you even, can have a negative effect on your societal pairing of groups. But you shouldn’t take what they say seriously because this is the same society that tries to limit your standards. The ones who urge you to lower the bar and settle for mediocre when you could go much farther. Such a society has no right to decide your place in life. That is for you to choose and for you to accept what comes of it. The sky’s the limit. People tend to strive for the ‘higher-ranking’ groups in order to assume the persona of those around them. They have adapted to the idea that they become who they are with. This saying is partially correct, but it does vary. A person could be less influential than others. They might not feel the need to be accepted more greatly. But if acceptance is the sole purpose of groups,

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