Belly Dancing Essay

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Hate doing crunches? Do they strain your back and neck muscles? Try belly dancing, it gives you better benefits than the average crunch with less pain. In addition to the physical and emotional benefits, belly dancing also has an impact on child birth and ones creativity in an entertaining manner. The physical benefits of belly dancing are, being able to become healthier, and in better shape. Being out of shape can also affect a person’s emotional-state. Participating in belly dancing can benefit ones self-esteem, and help their emotional well-being. Ones emotional-state can take a toll for the worst or the best when trying to become pregnant. Belly dancing is said to help the chances of a woman trying to become pregnant. Belly dancing …show more content…
“Belly dancing can be used to maintain a healthy metabolism and increase energy” (Coluccia 82). Most physical activities are used to lose weight or to tone muscles. Before enter or learning about belly dancing people think that it just tones or strengthens the abdomen area.
In belly dancing “muscle activities are particularly effective for stomach, back, and hip muscles” (Coluccia 85). The toning or strengthening of the muscles one uses in belly dance helps with body control. Body control is when you have control over your body to make it do exactly what you want it to do. “Body control is great because when you’re performing or practicing you allow your body to do the moves exactly the way you want them done” (Kanina). Belly dancing emphasizes body control because every move has to be specific. Every part of the body is doing something different. Isolations are a good example except that isolation your body movements are one after another. Body control also helps balance, so the movements are easier to accomplish. Being in control and balanced can help your posture while performing or practicing belly dancing, helping you do it right and get effective results. My interviewee is Kanina; she is a professional Belly Dancer. Kanina does not have a stable studio, in which she travels to studios around Rhode Island. Kanina teaches at studios in East Greenwich, RI, Wakefield, RI, and Providence, RI. Besides its

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