Belgium: Food and Sports Essay

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“The food of Belgium is now acknowledged as among the very best in Europe, and many of its restaurants have earned all kinds of the most respected international garlands and awards” (Mason 37). When people think of Belgium, they tend to first think of waffles, chocolate, French fries, and beer. Belgium has some of the finest quality of these foods in the world. In fact, the Belgians invented the French fry, so it’s only natural they have the best. Chocolate was invented in Mesoamerica, but Belgian chocolates are renowned as the best, to the point that many “foreign chocolate makers often buy their raw materials from Belgium” (Mason 39). Being so close to France, a country known for its cuisine, Belgian food is essentially French, but …show more content…
Belgium has a food pyramid very similar to that of the United States’. But the United States has six categories while Belgium has eight. The United States categories are as followed from least to greatest: oils, meat and beans, fruit, vegetables, milk, and grains. Belgium’s food pyramid, as seen to the left, recommends at the top of the pyramid that “occasionals,” foods one should only snack on every once in a while. Below the top are the foods that should be a part of the daily diet, including: fatty substances, meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, breads, and a large level of water and other liquids. Both countries’ food pyramids also include exercise. In the United States’ food pyramid, a figure is seen walking up the side of the pyramid. In Belgium’s diagram, there is a smaller pyramid in the lower left-hand corner that shows a number of figures exercising (“Food-Based 14). Despite issues with water quality of rivers and ports, Belgium’s tap water conforms to the European Union’s standards and is safe to drink (“Can I” 1). Belgium is ranked 36th country by the CIA World Factbook in terms of life expectancy at birth. Women are projected to live to 83.22 years old; Men are expected to live to 76.76 years. As an entire population, the Belgians live to an average of 79.92 years. The United States is ranked not too far behind at 42nd. Americans live to around 79.56 years. American women don’t live as long as Belgian women at only 81.94

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