Behind The Mask - Imaginitive Essay

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As he was travelling down the long empty highway he could see the clouds had pulled a dark curtain across the endless sky. Hail-stones were threatening to destroy the front windscreen. And the thunder felt as if it was rattling the whole foundations of the car. The storm had been unexpected. Kaleb had not even thought to get grips put on his tyres. As a result the worn-out Cadillac was struggling to stay on the right side of the road. It would be murder to get caught out in this tonight.

It frustrated him immensely that he could not go faster than 40 miles-per-hour without catapulting his car into the dark abyss. Although, this felt like a catch-22 as if he did not get home in the next hour the storm would be in its element
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His hand was pointing outwards from his body. A hitchhiker? There was no way that man was going to live much longer in this dismal weather. Guilt passed through him like a jolt of lightning, the thought of leaving the stranger to die was barbaric. Even in fine weather an aged man like that could not walk all the way into town. These conditions were simply treacherous, so he did something he never thought he would. Kaleb let the mysterious man into his car.

“Thank you, thank you ever so much.” The stranger stammered as he was entering the car.

“It is no problem at all, but just how did you manage to get caught out in middle of nowhere right before a storm!?”

“Oh, oh well, my wife and I hade a right ruckus on the way home from our daughters house and well, well, she left me on the street to walk!”

Kaleb had thought that it was rather peculiar that the man stumbled through his explanation as if he didn’t really know what had happened.

“You’ve been left in the dog house now” Kaleb laughed “but I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name”

“Of course, I’m Joseph, Joseph Winters, Pleased to meet you.” Kaleb fell in to an awkward silence as he sat watching his passenger. He had realised that Joseph seemed to look like an extremely wrinkled Santa Claus, with long white ringlets, perfectly rosy cheeks and plump torso. Although, he did not have the friendly smile or warm eyes, in fact once Kaleb had studied the man clearly he saw that his eyes were cold and

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