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Behavior Intervention 1 RUNNING HEAD: Behavior Intervention Behavioral intervention of a schoolboy displaying low on-task behavior in his classroom Behavior Intervention 2 Abstract The on-task behavior of a schoolboy aged 11 named Alan was monitored over an intervention period of 39 days. This period consisted of observation, intervention and follow-up segments. Target behaviors were defined.

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All three factors are observable and should be monitored closely to identify the relationship and effect they have on each other. Once these relationships have been identified, behavior therapy can be employed to extinguish undesired behavior replacing it with more appropriate behavior.

     To correctly observe and assess an individual for an intervention program a measuring process should be designed for the purpose of evaluating their behavior.

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This measurement process should specify observable actions that the individual indulges in to display their mood. The number of times the action or actions are performed acts as a clear indication of the presence of the target behavior. To limit any variation within collected data, specific times and settings should be tightly controlled when conducting the observations.

     This observational period acts as the first stage in the general process of any kind of behavior modification therapy. Once observed, the behavior is then identified, targeted and then stopped. Ideally while the inappropriate behavior is being stopped, another desired behavior is being identified, developed, strengthened and maintained.

     Various techniques can be engaged to obtain this outcome. To strengthen positive behavior both positive and negative reinforcement can prove useful. Positive reinforcement relies on
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