Because The Media Told Us: The Negative Effects Of Media On Women

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Media is all around us from television to billboards, making it difficult not to be influence by media in one way or another. Unfortunately, media has influence women to believe that in order for women to be considered beautiful, they must for fill the characteristics of what media considers beautiful. Hurting women both psychologically and physically. Leah Hardy (2010) argues that models in today’s magazines are no more than works of the digital retouching. Digital retouching is the use of computer program to remove unwanted impurities of the body, making a person look ideal. Digital retouching is sending a negative message to women because it sets up a false sense of what beauty is. It is impossible for women to look like a digital …show more content…
Serdar (2005) explains that females from an early age have stated that they want to lose weight. For example “studies have found that nearly half of females ages 6-8 have stated that they want to be slimmer… and over 40% of 14-year-olds reported wanting to lose weight” . Serdar (2005) furthermore explains that girls who felt that they needed to lose weight were already within normal healthy weight for their age. Females at a very young age have been influence by the media to fit the ideal women image. The ideal image of women and beauty are being bombarded at women hurting women both psychologically and physically. Kasey Serdar (2005) illustrates that “Researchers have found out that body dissatisfaction is correlated with other forms of psychological impairment. Not surprisingly, disturbed body image is one of the main precursors of disordered eating and dieting”. Women have been told that they have to look a certain, and so those women that do not fit the characteristics of what is considered beautiful on media, feel that they are not good enough. Serdar (2005) suggest that females are affected by the way they think about their physical appearance and so they result into dieting, “Research has shown that two-thirds of adolescent females report dieting at some point ”. Persuaded by the media that in order for women to be considered beautiful, they have to be slimmer, and so women go into a phase where they

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