Essay Battle of Bunker Hill

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Back and forth, up and down, men exhausted from a long day of fighting; these are a few of the terms people can use to describe the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill. After the battles at Lexington and Concord, the British had realized that the Americans were occupying the countryside, where Bunker and Breed’s Hills had stood. They then realized that something must be done and followed right in the American’s footsteps. This battle marked the first major battle of the American Revolution and the beginning of many more battles to come. Though the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought in one day, it was still a long, gruesome battle for the men who risked their lives fighting in it (Gilje). The British did not expect the Americans to move so fast …show more content…
The men also had to put up a stone fence trailing down from the top of Breed’s Hill to the river (Purcell, Tucker). The construction of the “earthworks” and the stone fence foreshadowed that the there would be a battle in just a few hours. The British force and the American force contrasted greatly from one another. The British force, as Purcell states, “Were probably among the finest troops in the world, highly trained, well equipped, and superbly led.” As for the Americans, they were loosely organized and the army was not up to the standards of the British. That meant the British were expecting this to be a very easy fight. On June 17, 1775 at one o’clock in the afternoon, British General William Howe, who accompanied Gage, led 1,500 men across the river to the Charlestown Peninsula. The Americans were ready and their plan was to wait until the British ships were close enough to land and then start the attack (Purcell, Tucker). As the British started to attack hard, the Americans were protected by their fortifications and stone fence. Gage’s plan was to do a frontal assault, which is when the men go straight into fighting with bayonets on the front line. Although, because of the hill and how it was curved, the British could not carry out that plan. The first time the British went to attack the Americans was when they were just arriving on land. Next, they

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