Avoiding Obesity as a Child Essay example

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Avoiding obesity as a child

We all know that in today’s society looks are important. They should not be, but they do play some role in who we are. Now ask yourself, if looks are important to your kids, shouldn’t the food that they eat also be just as important? A healthy diet plays a major role in how your children feel and act. So when it comes to our kids, we want them to be healthy and have all the advantages that other kids have. One big step is to have a good diet for your children and make sure they get the important nutrients they need every day. When you think about health, most people just think about the common colds and or diseases. What they do not think about is the food that they are allowing for their kids to eat. This
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Sport drinks are also high in sugar. They have many empty calories. They do have options out on the market for zero calorie sport drinks. When it comes to the best drink option, water is the way to go. Companies have recognized that people are looking for a better drink option than soda, sport drinks, and fruit drinks. They have started to make flavor additives to help the water taste better. This is a good idea for people who just do not like to drink plain water. Just make sure that you read the labels and that they are also free of calories and sugars.
Another contributor to obesity is fast food consumption. When it comes to eating fast food, most people will say they chose to eat it because of how easy it is to feed a family on the go. Many families have a lot going on between sports and school. Picking up fast food on the way home is an easy and quick option, but it is not the best option. Fast food is becoming a major contributor with obesity in this country. Fast food has more salt, fats, and sugar than a child should have. Studies have shown that one fast food meal has more salt and fat than you should consume in an entire day (Sydney Morning Herald). Now over the years, fast food companies have changed the options that come in the meals for children and have added some healthier options for adults, as well. They have added fruits and different drink options to

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