Australian Customers and Online Shopping Essay

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1.2 Executive Summary

The Australian customers have a big appetite for the online shopping and the use of e-commerce website in Australia is increasing every year.

The Perspective Private Limited is successfully providing Data Analysis & Recommendation System Services for the past five years to the e-commerce websites and has proven to enhance the customers recommendation system by obtaining competitive advantage in the e-commerce market.

Our client is an e-commerce company for selling books, e-books, Audiobooks, journals and DVD’S. With increasing number of successful players in the e–commerce market like, the company wants to benchmark it’s service. There is a great pressure in improvising the
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Keeping the customer satisfaction as our prime importance we have always ensured to produce an efficient and effective output for our clients.

2 Project Team and Responsibility

o Project Manager

• Competent and has better understanding of Information & Communication Technology.
• Establishes project plan, scheduling, kick off meetings and monitoring the project.
• Analyses the project progression and helps in improvisation
• Makes an appropriate use of given budget.
• Tracking the project and reports the project status to clients.
• Successfully delivering the project.

o Computer System Consultant

• Liaising extensively with project manager and clients.
• Abreast of technical and industry growth.
• Able to derive choices for potential solutions.
• Communicates and supervises the programmers and make sure technical compatibility.

o IT Manager

• Communicates directly with the project manager and computer system consultant.
• Allocates Resource such that employing staff for a project.
• Monitors Operational requirements and data management.

o Website Administrator

• Configures Web Server and look up the log files to enhances the website.
• Examines traffic through Website.
• Revise Website.

o IT Technicians

• Testing and Configuring of Hardware, Software and Networks.
• Oversees Security issues.
• Documents day-to-day process and reports to the IT managers.

o Usability Inspection Team

• The Evaluators checks the user interface.

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