Essay about Attributes of Good Leaders

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Throughout history, there have been great leaders: civil rights leaders, business leaders, and spiritual leaders who have inspired millions. Leaders and visionaries such as John Lennon or Martin Luther King Jr. fought for unity, love, and made an impact on people through their speeches or songs. Watching these great men touch the hearts of millions has brought out a desire for me to become a C.E.O. and an important leader in the life of others. Not only do leaders have knowledge in politics, in emotional values, and spread a certain message or “vision” to their followers or co-workers, but they have certain special characteristics which make them great leaders or heroes. So, what makes these people different from you and me? Could it …show more content…
Furthermore, this bond can result in a safe and trustworthy work environment. While giving responsibility can be a gift, taking responsibility of mistakes that happen in a work place or in general can be a real curse. Often leaders must take responsibility of their staff’s mistakes or to explain why a certain thing went wrong. In the perspective of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., taking responsibility was one of his major attributes. He believed in non-violence, civil disobedience, and in equality. Indeed he believed in equality for if he had not, he would not have taken the great responsibility of leading a civil rights movement. He believed in taking action and in the power of words. In fact, while being the leader of S.C.L.C. (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), he led the 1963 March on Washington to give his speech. With huge responsibility on his shoulders, he was able to end segregation and decrease racism. He took responsibility to right a wrong and to fight for equal treatment. Not only was Mr. King a great speaker and had huge responsibility, but he never stopped caring for people and proved to be a great leader through his actions and words, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” Something else that makes a great leader would have to be the ability to be a great visionary. In the business world, if the

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