Atticus Finch: More Than an Average Man Essay examples

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A man walks through a village, helping his neighbors, listening to people of other social classes, paying attention to the slightest need he comes across. He enters his home and helps his young daughter to read, then picks up a book himself because he has truly learned to love written language. He is not afraid to speak out about what he feels is right and influences his neighbors with his ability to speak strongly in public. He makes ethical decisions about social justice and uses his comprehensive knowledge to further his cause. This man follows the Optimum Learning Expectations for how Upland High wishes their graduates to behave, but he never attended the school. This man is Atticus Finch of Maycomb, Alabama. The father of Jem and …show more content…
I do my best to love everybody’ ”(108). Though Scout is shocked that her father would describe himself as loving African-Americans, for Atticus, it is a normal part of who he is. He is a responsible citizen by not only accepting others, but proudly sharing his beliefs with his peers. When Atticus leaves Macomb just as Scout is going through hard times, she cries, “As if that were not enough, the state legislature was called into emergency session and Atticus left us for two weeks” (116). Although Scout is bothered that her father would leave suddenly, he is being a good citizen by being involved in the democratic process. Many people participate in the democratic process in small ways, but Atticus makes significant sacrifices to help the government of Alabama. As a father, Atticus demonstrates great respect for his children and Scout says, “..he played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment” (6). Even as a busy man, Atticus works to be the best father he can possibly be. While he could simply act condescending and patronizing to Jem and Scout due to their ages, Atticus treats them with respect, proving him to be a truly responsible father. By exemplifying how a conscientious citizen should act, Atticus helps to ensure that his children grow up with his qualities as well. Atticus respects others, does his part in society,

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