Attempting to Define Personality Essay

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The term personality is derived from the Latin word persona, which means mask. Personality is the public image of self. It is the attribute that is visible to the world. This aspect of personality implies that the vital attributes of an individual remains concealed for various reasons. Personality enables a person to be socially viable meaning that an individual might possess a very good personality or a bad personality or no personality at all. Thus, several definitions of personality exist. There is no perfect way to define personality. Personality in totality has to do with the differences that exist within individuals which may be in behavior in thinking pattern and in emotional outbursts. There are various theories of presented by …show more content…
Child (1968) includes consistency existing within an individual and the differences existing between individuals. The characteristic pattern of behavior within an individual is what makes up personality according to Allport(1961).
There are various important considerations involved while discussing about personality. Thus, we can say that personality is what makes our thoughts, actions, as well as feelings consistent (or rather relatively consistent). Also, it is one aspect which makes an individual different from the other.

1.1 Psychoanalytic theories:

Psychology is incomplete without studying the theories proposed by Sigmund Freud in the early years of the twentieth century. Sigmund Freud(1856 –1939) had begun to write about psychoanalysis, which he described as ‘a theory of the mind or personality, a method of investigation of unconscious process, and a method of treatment’(1923/62). He basically talked about how the unconscious mind is so much powerful than our conscious minds. The concept of unconscious mental processes is very important. It gives an idea about how unconscious motivations and needs play a major role in determining our behaviour. The irrational aspects of human behaviour is also emphasized in this approach. The aggressive and sexual needs are portrayed as playing a major role in having an impact on personality. According to Freud, the mind is divided

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