Essay about Athletic Training Education Program

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Athletic Training Education Program

To achieve a degree in Athletic Training, there are many tasks and skills to be learned. The Education Council under the National Athletic Training Association put together an education program filled with a set of guidelines of what has to be taught to graduate with a degree in Athletic Training. Before you can learn and understand Athletic Training, you must know the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. This includes bones, muscles, levels of organization, tissue levels, systems of the body, skeletal structure, articulations, integrative functions, sensory function, blood, and embryology (Martini, 2001). Besides Anatomy and Physiology, the methods of taping is also extremely critical to
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They consist of the converger, assimilator, accommodator, and the divergent learning styles. The converger learning style is entirely based on finding answers to a current question or dilemma and then making a decision by solving the problem. The assimilator learning style involves the comprehension of a variety of material into a concise and consistent format. The accommodator learning style is learning from primarily a "hands-on" clinical experience. Finally, the divergent learning style is sort of like sociology. It takes many logical and real life situations from many different angles and perspectives. The student athletic trainers mostly desire the converger, assimilator, and accommodator learning styles while the converger and assimilator learning styles have been proven to be the most preferred to Certified Athletic Trainers. For both groups, the divergent learning style was the least preferred. For this study, the Certified Athletic Trainers were broken down into even further groups. It turns out that there is a significant difference between the male and female Certified Athletic Trainers. The males preferred the assimilator and converger learning styles, whereas, the females would rather learn with the converger and accommodator learning styles. (Hansen, 2001)

Continuing your Education

An important part of having a degree in Athletic Training is to continue your education. Not only does

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