Asthma Essay

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Asthma is such a common disease. For instance, a negative response to an emotional stress can cause an asthma attack (Mark 1007). Have you actually seen someone have an asthma attack? It is the scariest thing because you cannot do anything about it. They say that there are no cures for asthma, and they also claim that there is some natural therapies that may help to manage symptoms of asthma. Weather your asthma is completely manageable and only shows up from time to time, or if you only have to deal with it on a daily basis, either way you have probably gone through your fair share of prescription medications. These medications, though, are not only expensive, but sometimes they come with their own set of problems, which only add to the …show more content…
Vitamin B-6 helps to boost the immune system, which is important in preventing disease. Another important vitamin is D, which actually helps those with severe asthma who are immune to corticosteroids. Vitamin D has the potential to reduce the amount of steroids needed to control your asthma (A holistic approach to asthma). The increasing of magnesium intake is very helpful for some asthma sufferers (Mark 1014). When dieting, you can naturally get magnesium from avocados, oatmeal, tofu, and many other foods. It is difficult to get enough magnesium to make it effective, but it is not impossible because magnesium supplements can be prescribed and ordered by your doctor (Mark 1014). However, you must be careful when using someone natural herbal products, such as bee pollen, because it may trigger an asthma attack if you are allergic to the specifics plants. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never stop using your asthma medications without your doctor’s knowledge or consent. When not following your doctor’s prescribed medical regimen to treat your asthma can be very serious, even life threatening because you could be mixing counter active medicines or chemicals (A holistic approach to asthma).
Corticosteroid medications that include cortisone, hydrocortisone and prednisone have a great potential in the treatment of a variety of conditions, from rashes to lupus to asthma. There is so much

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