Assessing and Comparing Perceptions of Distance Education in the U.S. and Great Britain with Kazakhstan

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Assessing and Comparing Perceptions of Distance Education in the U.S. and Britain with Kazakhstan Introduction Distance education is a form of education with intensive use of technologies inherited from full-time learning (face-to-face learning), correspondence learning (using mail systems) and independent learning (Moiseeva, 2005, p.220). Distance learning ideally gives an opportunity to broader audience to receive quality education for lower price. Changes were observed when top

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Improvement of technologies, improving DE to match face-to-face education questions whether it is different from real classes (Fuegen, 2012, pp.233-238). The problem is that Kazakhstan employers do not know much about learning style and quality of education. In addition, according to Kazakh law, only people with disabilities, living outside of the country, doing military service, and studying in condensed educational programs can be officially DE students of the state universities (, 2012). There is also possibility to get an online diploma from one of the top universities, such as studying with Edx program. Simpson’s survey on human resources showed that 61% of respondents said online degrees are not credible due to lack of social interaction with peers, real-time pedagogical exchange and critical-thinking instructions (Simpson, 2006, p.48). Making DE more real through development of technology is one of the possible things to improve credibility. Informing wider audience and popularization of DE can improve situation of education as a whole and help in its implementation in Kazakh society.
There are studies assessing what students feel and their experience during classes (Castano, 2013, pp.242-243). This paper analyzes thoughts of professors from British and U.S. professors, Kazakh students and employers. Qualitative analysis of opinions of ordinary people about
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