Aspects and implication of Cyberspace Surveillance Technologies

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The three most thought about aspects of a surveillance society, would be; from one side it protects and monitors, but on the other hand in order to achieve its protection functions, certain boundaries of privacy are crossed. Some would argue that it is governments demand for more power over people, a disciplinary technique; the fact that people are more likely to behave if they had known they had been under a certain amount of supervision. But not all of the time can this be beneficial to them; questions are asked of whether the success of it, rationalize for existence radical surveillance technologies. As much as it acts as a nation protector, and crime preventer, it is also, on a massive scale, a privacy invader. In this essay I will …show more content…
The concept of the ‘Panopticon’ as a programme in aids of surveillance was developed by Jeremy Bentham and the idea behind this, is that behaviour is altered by the knowledge that surveillance is twenty-four seven. Originally designed for prison inmate, the aim was to induce their “state of conscious and permanent visibility that assures the automatic functioning of power” (Foucault, 1979: p.201). Often power is mentioned as one of the outcomes of surveillance, in theory surveillance should be, partly encouraged for the gain of power. It is regularly considered that before the event of nine eleven, surveillance programmes did not touch a lot of the aspects of life, and with the innovation in surveillance technologies came to a rose, it is not only necessary to carry out these for security reasons but also because its possible to. Bentham suggested the “power should be visible” but at the same time “unverifiable” (cited in Foucault, 1979: p.201), this practice is carried out until to day, Bentham has supposed a theory where people are afraid of what is out there, but are unable to anticipated, the amount, the size or anything, all they know is that, something is there, preying watching. Whenever internet is accessed within an institutional ground, whether it is university or work place, people somehow would always detect the notion of being supervised, not only it is a share

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